CSL 864 - Special Topics in AI: Classification

This is an introductory course on machine learning focusing on classification. The course has three major objectives. First, to familiarize students with basic classification methods so that these can be used as tools to tackle practical machine learning problems. Second, to equip students with the mathematical skills needed to theoretically analyze these methods and modify and extend them to tackle new problems. Finally, students will be introduced to basic optimization techniques so that they can start writing their own code for these methods.



Most code was written five minutes before the start of each lecture and comes with no guarantees, comments or documentation. In particular, no attempt has been made to bulletproof the code. For instance, if there is no feasible solution for your parameter settings then the figure plotting subroutines will crash (the LR and SVM learning routines should be stable). In any case, run the code at your own peril.

Links to code by other people can be found in the slides.

Recommended Reading

Please see the slides for links to relevant research papers.

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